The Rev. Geoffrey Little, Director of Operations

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The Rev. Geoffrey Little, Director of Operations
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All Nations Christian Church
358 Lenox Street
New Haven, CT 06513
United States
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All Nations Christian Academy
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Church Ministry
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Director of Operations
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358 Lenox Street
New Haven, CT 06513
United States
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A ministry of All Nations Christian Church (Anglican). A Christian elementary school, K-4. Accelerated Learning and Christian Living for Elementary School Children in Greater New Haven.
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Does your ministry offer internships?
Yes, college internship(s).
Yes, post-graduate internship(s).
Strengths of Organization
1) Openly invites children to new life in Jesus Christ, "in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:3). 2) Small classes (no more than eight students) and individualized teaching strategies encourage students to learn at their highest level of potential. 3) Intimacy and security for the children in a home-like facility.
Would you consider your role part time or full time within justice and mercy ministry?
Full Time
How many years have you been in ministry among the vulnurable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
What training did you receive that equipped you for justice and mercy ministries?
Masters degrees in ministry at Trinity School for Ministry and Fuller Theological Seminary. Various conferences and workshops. Years of learning by experience, trial and error. Blanca holds a masters in education and is certified to teach in Connecticut. She taught for six years in inner-city public schools before opening the Academy. Most of our learning has come from being in fellowship with people we serve, and who serve us, in New Haven.
What are your primary concerns for the ministry?
1) That the children, and their families, hear the Gospel and respond to the love of Christ. 2) That the children learn to their highest level of potential, that they are ahead of grade-level entering middle school. 3) Increased enrollment in a New England environment where private school education, especially Christian education, is shrinking in size. 4) Financial stability through increased donations. (Tuition is low to accommodate the needs of low-income families, consequently more than half of our operating expenses must be met by outside sources).
What feels like the most difficult aspect of your life in ministry?
1) Getting the word out to parents about our school. 2) Once the word is out, convincing parents that this private school education is within their grasp. 3) Working with under-resourced families struggling to make life work in present-day America.
What gives you the greatest joy?
We rejoice when: 1) We see the children singing to Jesus with all their hearts, whether at daily worship or a big concert in front of a hundred people. 2) We see children learning beyond what we ever thought possible. 3) We see the Lord provide new families and new financial provision out of the blue.
What spiritual disciplines help sustain you in your rhythms of life among the vulnerable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
Beyond maintaining our personal and coupled disciplines of prayer, we have staff prayer every school day before the students arrive. We also set aside a number of days for retreat and in-service training which include ample prayer and Bible teaching. Our church supports the ministry of the school in regular prayer.
What would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to know about your ministry?
That the ministry of Christian schools is still a tried and true method for making a community impact for the Gospel. That starting a small school is more within the reach of many Anglican churches than one might think.
How would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to grow in regards to justice and mercy issues?
I need to grow in my giving and receiving God's justice and mercy. We all do. As we do, the "issues" will be addressed.
What are your favorite books related to justice and mercy issues?
"Theology as Big as the City," Ray Bakke, IVP (1997) "Christians at the Border," M. Daniel Carroll R., Baker Academic (2008) "Teaching with Love and Logic," David Funk & Jim Fay, Love and Logic Press (1995) "Have a New Kid by Friday," Kevin Leman, Revell (2008)
What are your favorite movies related to justice and mercy issues?
"Rabbit-Proof Fence" (2002) "Children of Heaven" (1998)
What are your favorite websites/organizations related to justice and mercy issues?
Emmanuel Gospel Center, Boston MA ( Unreached People Groups Prayer Calendar ( Roots and Shoots (
Anything else you would wish us to know?
City ministries, ministries of justice and mercy, like all forms of Christian witness, must be incarnational. It is ministry among, not ministry to. The new Anglican movement in North America needs missionaries--single people, couples, families with children--to move into tough neighborhoods to pray, worship and live as Christians.
What do you wish people knew about justice ministry in general or specific arenas of justice work?
I wish everyone to know in ever increasing measure how much justice and mercy God has shown toward us. The experience of working in ministries to the needy is a wonderfully humbling encounter with the Lord.
What would you like to see happen in ACNA in regards to work of justice and mercy?
We need to be careful not to compartmentalize works of justice and mercy in ANCA such that they become the specialty of only an interested few. As ACNA looks at North America, we need to ask God for his compassion for the lost, through his Holy Spirit, as a pre-requisite to the work of reaching out "with the transforming love of Jesus Christ" as a whole.
Tell us a bit about your story and your heart for justice and mercy.
The Lord gave me a heart for Hispanic peoples from the time he called me to himself in 1980. I was a SAMS missionary in Peru until 1988, when I started seminary preparation for ordained ministry. I have been a pastor in the Fair Haven district of New Haven, Connecticut, since 1992. Over the years I have been involved in a variety of ministries to serve the less-advantaged. The school was started by my wife, Blanca, in 2007. I like to say if Jesus Christ is the "heartbeat" of the Academy, Blanca Little is the heart of flesh through which the Lord sends his energy.