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The Rev. Clifton Warner
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Christ Church
112 Medina St.
Austin, TX 78702
United States
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Christ Church
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Church Ministry
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112 Medina St.
Austin, TX 78745
United States
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Community Development
Hunger/Food Justice
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Christ Church is an Anglican parish of 500 active participants in downtown Austin. Our mission is to "build a community of fully devoted followers of Christ in the heart of the city to the glory of God." Having worshipped near the campus of the University of Texas for the past six years, we are now in a two-year process of renovating and moving into our newly purchased property on the downtown Eastside, a historically (and still majority) Latino community now changing with with some dynamics gentrification. We have conducted an asset assessment of the neighborhood as we explore how to best approach community development and loving our neighbors.
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Strengths of Organization
Worship. Community. Hospitality. Mission. Engagement with the relationship between faith, vocation, and culture.
Would you consider your role part time or full time within justice and mercy ministry?
Full Time
How many years have you been in ministry among the vulnurable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
What training did you receive that equipped you for justice and mercy ministries?
University internship in international development in Dominican Republic. Theological education at Regent College, with a "kingdom of God" theology that challenged student to reflect on the ministry/mission implications of physical creation/incarnation/resurrection and embodied life. Seminary field ministry with Tierra Nueva, led by Bob Ekblad in Skagit County, Washington. Attendance at multiple Christian Community Development Association conferences. KidTrek boot camp for training leadership of after-school mentoring programs.
What are your primary concerns for the ministry?
Fruitful pastoral leadership in a parish setting, through ministry of Word, Sacrament, presence and mission.
What feels like the most difficult aspect of your life in ministry?
Currently, it is managing transitions in our church staff, property and parish community.
What gives you the greatest joy?
My wife. Reading. Friends. Travel and otherness and beauty.
What spiritual disciplines help sustain you in your rhythms of life among the vulnerable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
Outdoor recreation. Exercise. Contemplative prayer and annual visits to a Benedictine monastery. Scripture study/meditation. Solitude.
What would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to know about your ministry?
That Christ Church Austin, a downtown Anglican parish, is a community of disciples who are blessed, broken and given as a living sacrament for the sake of the world, and to the praise of God's glory.
How would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to grow in regards to justice and mercy issues?
That we, as Anglicans, would have an integral view of God's mission in the world, valuing both proclamation and demonstration of the gospel, in both private and social spheres, and expressed through the whole of our daily lives and vocations.
What are your favorite books related to justice and mercy issues?
The Mission of God's People, Christopher Wright Reading the Bible with the Damned, Bob Ekblad Christian Mission in the Modern World, John Stott Missional Church, Darrell Guder Kingdom Calling, Amy Sherman To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
What are your favorite movies related to justice and mercy issues?
The Mission Freedom Writers Babette's Feast Les Miserables Milagro Beanfield War Amazing Grace
What are your favorite websites/organizations related to justice and mercy issues?
Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach, El Paso, Texas: Tierra Nueva, Skagit County, Washington:
What do you wish people knew about justice ministry in general or specific arenas of justice work?
I wish that people knew how much more they benefit from ministry among the vulnerable and marginalized, then those among whom they serve. We meet Jesus and become more like Him as we enters such relationship/places/communities.
What would you like to see happen in ACNA in regards to work of justice and mercy?
That when people talk about the ACNA ten years from now, one of the things they comment on is the unceasing focus on integral mission through both proclamation and demonstration of the good news of Jesus Christ.
Tell us a bit about your story and your heart for justice and mercy.
The biggest chapter of my story and heart for justice and mercy was as founder and Executive Director of Ciudad Nueva, a Christian Community Development organization in a downtown El Paso, Texas neighborhood populated predominantly by immigrant families, both documented and undocumented. This was founded as the urban mission "arm" of the Church of St. Clement, though stands apart as its own non-profit entity. Other parts of my story related to justice and mercy: Studied Spanish and International Development in college. Did a semester internship in community development in Dominican Republic. Worked with migrant farmworkers and prison ministry in Washington state (Tierra Nueva). Founded Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach (described above). Current service on the board of Ciudad Nueva (El Paso) and the Potter's House, a Community Development mission in the city garbage dump of Guatemala City, Guatemala. As Rector of my current parish, I preach and lead on themes/action of justice and mercy.