The Rev. Bryan Bywater, B.A., Mdiv

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The Rev. Bryan Bywater, B.A., Mdiv
Church Info
Home Church Address
Anglican Diocese of New England
6 Allens Court
Amesbury, MA 01913
United States
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Organization Name
Church Army USA
Type of Organization
Organization Type
para-church ministry
Your Position/Title within your Organization
Base Director, CT
Organization Address
380 Franklin Avenue
Aliquippa, PA 15001
United States
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Work of Ministry
Hunger/Food Justice
Youth Development/At-risk Youth
elderly ministry with emphasis on memory patients, incarcerted youth, spirtual direction for ministry
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Description of Organization
Church Army, USA is a para-church ministry called to equip the local church for regional mission and evangelism. The Connecticut Base is engaged in ministry with the elderly, incarcerated, transitional homeless, and teaching.
Organization Years In Operation
Does your ministry offer internships?
Strengths of Organization
Creative and adept at reading culture, Anglican theology in that love of God drives our actions. I have served one of the "Connecticut Six" churches after the lawsuits and have a personal understanding of re-awakening Anglican Churches to mission. We bring healing prayer and spiritual direction to the people outside of church
Would you consider your role part time or full time within justice and mercy ministry?
Full Time
How many years have you been in ministry among the vulnurable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
What training did you receive that equipped you for justice and mercy ministries?
I hold a BA in Political Science and an Mdiv. As an "accidental missionary" after being deposed my TEC, the Holy Spirit placed me on fantastic learning curve! My ministry is not simply to provide relief, but to reclaim empathy in the Church. I am a trained Spiritual Director as well as completed a number of programs on healing prayer. I blend these to equip and provide "spiritual triage" to the marginalized we encounter. Our work is supported by Urban Alliance and World Vision, both of whom offer excellent training.
What are your primary concerns for the ministry?
sustainability and leadership development
What feels like the most difficult aspect of your life in ministry?
balancing fundraising and ministry, spiritual isolation in CT.
What gives you the greatest joy?
Watching Christians become aware that they are part of God's plan of salvation and redemption for the world and being free from the lies of Satan that they are powerless to effect change
What spiritual disciplines help sustain you in your rhythms of life among the vulnerable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
prayer, communion, confession, solitude, reading scripture. As a trained SD they are my life-blood
What would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to know about your ministry?
We are fore-runners for Anglicans in Connecticut, and are being seen and watched as we act our love and turn the public perception that Anglicans are only against Gay people and we are being greatly received!
How would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to grow in regards to justice and mercy issues?
That is a good question, and a hard one for me to answer without sounding like I am perfect. Perhaps I would like us to pray and fast more for the Church and for the World.
What are your favorite books related to justice and mercy issues?
It's always the latest, isn't it? But I've found Tim Keller's "Mercy Ministries" to be my go-to time and time again, as well as Scripture. Reading the Bible with the Damned, Wanted, Hole in the Gospel, Center Church...
What are your favorite movies related to justice and mercy issues?
I see God's heart in most art. He is every where. Any film that exposes injustice or has the classic good-v-evil line can be used
What are your favorite websites/organizations related to justice and mercy issues?
IJM and the personal work of my friends
Anything else you would wish us to know?
I am thankful the Lord has given me a heart for the broken. I have quite a story.
What do you wish people knew about justice ministry in general or specific arenas of justice work?
The work is not about church growth, but about Kingdom expansion. God has a heart for justice. It is the work of all people who have been redeemed by God. Being homeless and marginalized causes dramatic emotional violence to many whom are already suffering mental illness.
What would you like to see happen in ACNA in regards to work of justice and mercy?
We would do as the Clapham Sect did; re-awaken the society to the love of God, and make the community livable again.
Tell us a bit about your story and your heart for justice and mercy.
I have had a heart for justice and mercy long before my conversion and am able to help the Church hear the movement of the Spirit within the community. I was deposed my TEC in 2007 and transferred to the Anglican Diocese of Tabora, TZ before the formation of our new Provence. I have spent an average of five weeks there yearly since 2005. My heart was broken and trained for justice and mercy through first-hand experience. I was "sent" back to Connecticut as their missionary, and found the greatest need in my community among the homeless and the widow and orphan in nursing homes.