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Mr. Trog Trogdon
Church Info
Home Church Address
Christ Church Plano
4550 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX 75024
United States
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Organization Name
H.I.S. Bridgebuilders
Type of Organization
Non Profit
Your Position/Title within your Organization
Mobilization Director & Urban Missionary
Organization Address
2075 W. Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75208
United States
Organization Phone Number
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Work of Ministry
Community Development
Creation Care
Housing Reform
Hunger/Food Justice
Post Incarceration Care
Racial Reconciliation
Substance Abuse/Addiction
Youth Development/At-risk Youth
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Description of Organization
Our mission as an urban missionary organization is to mobilize the Body of Christ to alleviate poverty and promote flourishing communities.
Organization Years In Operation
Does your ministry offer internships?
Yes, college internship(s).
Strengths of Organization
Our clarity and focus on our mission to mobilize the church and alleviate poverty along with our methods of doing so.
Would you consider your role part time or full time within justice and mercy ministry?
Full Time
How many years have you been in ministry among the vulnurable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
What training did you receive that equipped you for justice and mercy ministries?
I was discipled by the Founder of H.I.S. Bridgebuilders in 2004 and became a suburban missionary with Apartment Life ministries from 2006-2008. Along with teaching a Sunday school class at my home church, my friend and I launched Project 25:40 in 2008 (as I mentioned above.) In 2011 I helped plant a church in Frisco Texas just before going on staff as a Discipleship Minister with Christ Church Plano. Since 2013, I have been serving as an urban missionary with HISBB and also have a Faith & Finance certificate through the Chalmers Center.
What are your primary concerns for the ministry?
Funding, unity among those we serve and being faithful with the mission God has given us to awaken and mobilize the church to plant more urban missionaries, serve the suffering and make disciples.
What feels like the most difficult aspect of your life in ministry?
Balance. I am married with 3 children under the age of 6 and an hour (to hour and a half) commute each way to the community I serve. On a positive note, The Lord has blessed our ministry with a ton of publicity and attention but this also comes at a price of balancing our time.
What gives you the greatest joy?
Watching people grow in their walks with Christ and watching prayers be answered. My 4 passions in life are: -Sharing my faith -Making Disciples -Helping the Poor and influencing others to live radically for our King!
What spiritual disciplines help sustain you in your rhythms of life among the vulnerable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
I honestly feel like the most un-rythmed person in the world. That being said, these 3 things make a huge difference in my life although they might not fit the standard list of spiritual disciplines... Community: I don't walk this life with Christ out alone. I have men of God that I lean on daily/weekly etc. praying, encouraging and bearing my burdens with me (and I with them.) The Word: It brings life to my soul. Like daily bread, I would die without it. Practicing the Presence of God: I fail at this more than I would like to admit but being aware of God's presence and seeing him in everything is a key to my faith walk.
What would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to know about your ministry?
Bonton Farms is what most people have heard about in Dallas. Our ministry however, is multifaceted and the farm is just one part of many areas of alleviating poverty that we are involved in. For example, we are Dallas's largest faith-based job training center with partners such as OMNI hotels and ValleyCrest/Brickman Lawncare.
How would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to grow in regards to justice and mercy issues?
I would love to see our people grow in the areas of… - One on one discipleship especially regarding the marginalized - Letting go of the false sense of comfort and security of material things in order to be generous givers - Love for our fellow man especially those of different cultures - More thorough understanding and biblical worldview that God rewards his servants now & forever
What are your favorite books related to justice and mercy issues?
The Hole in Our Gospel - When Helping Hurts - Revolution in World Mission - The Kingdom Assignment - The Poverty Bible
What are your favorite movies related to justice and mercy issues?
This is Normal & Water4 Schindler's List (Ending, 4 minute Youtube Clip)
What are your favorite websites/organizations related to justice and mercy issues?
Water 4 - World Vision - Gospel for Asia - Compassion International - Seed Effect - Bible League International - Voice of Martyrs - Plant with Purpose -
What do you wish people knew about justice ministry in general or specific arenas of justice work?
Many things... - "Getting a job" is not as easy as it seems for former felons and addicts - There is a cure for poverty but it takes years to help someone get freedom & self sufficiency - Poverty is not just about the lack of material things, it is much bigger/broader - You don't have to go on a mission trip overseas to do mission work - Nobody is beyond redemption including drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes. They too are made in the image of God and He wants to set them free. And, that love conquers all... - Dallas in particular has some of the worst poverty statistics in the country - Saving your life is losing it but losing your life for the cause of Christ the sake of others and is truly finding it. The abundant life and true freedom is found in dying to ourselves & living for HIm & others. - God's heart beats for the orphans, widows and impoverished from the OT to the NT
Tell us a bit about your story and your heart for justice and mercy.
In 2008 I read a book called The Kingdom Assignment and started to wonder what more I could do for the Lord. My friend and I launched a endeavor called Project 25:40 ( to raise money (and awareness) sending goats and chickens overseas, digging water wells and more to help those in 3rd world countries that are suffering for the lack basic needs. Since then, The Lord has continued to break my heart for the poor, marginalized and hurting. In 2013, after meeting with my mentor, I realized that the same struggles that occur in other countries are happening in my own city and that there are organizations (specifically HISBB, the one I am with now) that are engaged in the battle to help those in need and advance the gospel. With this in mind, and The Lord burdening my heart, I decided to embark on the journey of raising support and working full-time in the inner city of Dallas making disciples, sharing my faith and helping those in need.