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Mr. Keiichi Stevens, Pastor
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The MISSION of Christ's Church
13959 Peyton Drive
Dallas, TX 75240
United States
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The MISSION of Christ's Church, Inc.
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Church Ministry
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13959 Peyton Drive
Dallas, TX 75240
United States
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Youth Development/At-risk Youth
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The MISSION is a Christian Bible Church for children and youth (and their families) to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ through weekly Bible studies, Sunday worship, discipling, mentoring, fun, fellowship, and educational tutoring and assistance. The MISSION reaches children, youth and their families within local communities who are unable or apprehensive to attend larger or ethnically different churches.
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The MISSION has a complete liturgical Sunday Worship Service, Sunday School, tutoring & homework assistance twice weekly, Wednesday Bible Clubs for Children, Youth & College Bible Study, Tuesday Women's Bible study in Spanish. We believe that by reaching the children and youth, they in turn will reach their parents, siblings and others within their community. The ministry prepares children to enter into the youth ministry with a solid foundation of Biblical teaching, including a working knowledge of the Bible itself. Upon entering the youth ministry, the youth are discipled to be living examples of their faith in Christ by, their deeds, words and attitudes at home, school and with friends, and by developing a distinctly Christian lifestyle with a Biblically based world view. All ministries are specifically designed to disciple, teach and experience growth in the three most important facets of any Christian’s life – Prayer, the Word, and Worship.
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