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Chris Schutte
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Christ Church Anglican
5811 N. 20th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
United States
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Christ Church Anglican
Type of Organization
Church Ministry
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Organization Address
5811 N. 20th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
United States
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Work of Ministry
At-risk Women and Children Care (Crisis Pregnancy)
Community Development
Hunger/Food Justice
Refugees within North America
Substance Abuse/Addiction
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ACNA church founded in 2007 Mission summary: Disciples of Jesus seeking to expand God's kingdom in our city We focus our life as a congregation around worship, Christian formation, and local and international expressions of mission.
Organization Years In Operation
Does your ministry offer internships?
Yes, post-graduate internship(s).
Strengths of Organization
Prayer Pastoral Care Thoughtful cultural engagement Local mission
Would you consider your role part time or full time within justice and mercy ministry?
Full Time
How many years have you been in ministry among the vulnurable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
What training did you receive that equipped you for justice and mercy ministries?
I read quite a bit, and also participated in ministries among the marginalized. I took a seminary class on “Christianity and the problem of racism”, and have subsequently attended conferences focused on working with immigrants.
What are your primary concerns for the ministry?
Helping my congregation meet Jesus in such a way that they are drawn to the weak and vulnerable.
What feels like the most difficult aspect of your life in ministry?
Managing volunteer ministry leaders
What gives you the greatest joy?
Preaching, teaching, one-on-one prayer / discipleship, cross-cultural engagement, planning ministry opportunities focused on cultural engagement
What spiritual disciplines help sustain you in your rhythms of life among the vulnerable, marginalized, and under-resourced?
Singing, reading books on contemplative spirituality, as well as poetry celebrating the goodness and riches of creation
What would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to know about your ministry?
Engaging in “culture war” rhetoric compromises ministry to secular people, and tacitly supporting political solutions to social problems without developing relationships with marginalized communities makes ministry to marginal people difficult. Reflecting on what it means to be a follower of Jesus in America is a helpful discussion to have.
How would you like fellow Anglicans (bishops, churches, the average parishioner) to grow in regards to justice and mercy issues?
Beware of drawing lines between “liberal” and “conservative” approaches to justice and mercy. Working with marginalized people is messy and complicated. We need theological constructs and paradigms appropriate to the complexities, which requires fearlessness.
What are your favorite books related to justice and mercy issues?
Newbign’s “Gospel in a pluralist society” Volf’s “Exclusion and embrace” and “Free of charge” Sider’s “Rich Christians in an age of hunger” Chris Wright’s “The mission of God” Alexander Schmemann’s “For the life of the world” NT Wright’s “Surprised by hope” Kidd’s “The invention of wings"
What are your favorite movies related to justice and mercy issues?
"Romero” “Crash” “Dead man walking” "El Norte"
What are your favorite websites/organizations related to justice and mercy issues?
The Center for Public Justice, Evangelicals for Social Action
What do you wish people knew about justice ministry in general or specific arenas of justice work?
Having open hearts and minds, developing relationships those those on the margins, reflecting theologically on issues of justice and mercy
What would you like to see happen in ACNA in regards to work of justice and mercy?
Theological reflection on the nature of the gospel and the kingdom, an emphasis on justice and mercy work in addition to emphasis on evangelism and church planting—even better, an emphasis on how justice and mercy are integral to both evangelism and church planting . . .
Tell us a bit about your story and your heart for justice and mercy.
I took my first cross cultural trip in 5th grade, and, from that time, I’ve been fascinated by “the other”. In high school I took my first mission trip to Latin America, where I encountered extreme poverty for the first time. I knew that, somehow, the gospel had something to say both to physical poverty and racial / cultural alienation, and, throughout my life and ministry, I’ve always gravitated toward those who are working with and advocating for those on the margins.